6Vitesse is a company founded to serve as a platform to accommodate new activities, mediation and advice by Erwin Bobbaerts and Dian Wahlen.
The sale of our previous companies allows us to continue to shape the future with new impetus.
6Vitesse is our ‘new momentum’ and also the sixth company in our career. It’s a startup business, yet comes with a great deal of corporate know-how and history: we have had the privilege to learn from highly skilled professionals from various companies and diverse business sectors, as well as NGOs.
With 6Vitesse we bring a collection of diverse management and communication categories and skills to the table, to which we are fully committed. Furthermore, our activities are not only confined to Belgium and there is also the potential for partnerships.




Erwin Bobbaerts

Management consulting

Advice on management and business operations with the aim to help organizations improve their performance and excel.

Erwin focuses on corporate strategy, and operational/business processes (technical, organizational, logistics, ICT and financial).

Besides consulting, he also regularly supports the implementation of his recommended solutions.

  • Management consultancy (crisis management, financial management, interim management, ICT management)
  • Assisting startups
  • Off-site management
  • Acquisition mediation/M & A
  • Active investments

Dian Wahlen

Communication consulting & Business mentor

Advice in the field of corporate communications, with the aim to improve communications between organizations and their internal and external target groups.

Besides advice and strategy, she also supports the implementation of her recommended solutions.

Moreover, you can also consult with Dian regarding:

  • ‘How-to’-trainings: how to network – how to brainstorm – media survival
  • Mystery shopping services
  • Small events of all kinds
  • Top rental locations for photoshoots/film productions and commercials
  • Personal travel coaching – for entrepreneurial adventurers with a budget and limited time, who want to get around unusual destinations in an exclusive way.
  • Travel Journalism

6Vitesse is at the heart of several diverse projects, reaching out an international level, both for business as well as private ventures.



Travel Blog of our trip around the world


After the hustle and bustle, it’s good to take a break. After an intense yet interesting period in our professional careers, we decided it was time to pause, and to finally realize our dream of a trip around the world. Over a period of eighteen months we took the opportunity to discover new cultures, cuisine, natural wonders, endangered species and a whole lot more.

The promise to soak up all of the fun, experiences and excitement of that amazing adventure, and to share them with others, resulted in this travel blog:  www.6vitesse-on-tour.com



Personal travel coaching – an advantage for entrepreneurial adventurers with budget and little time, who want to get around unusual destinations in an exclusive way.

Villa Panomarenco

Elegant villa rental in Spain


Imagine an oasis of peace and tranquility on a hill between the ocean and the mountains…

After our trip around the world it was time for something new. While randomly travelling through Spain we came upon this exclusive and elegant villa in the mountains, with its panoramic sea views from Moraira to Calpe… La Pura Vida in Spain.

It is the perfect place to get away from it all and completely immerse yourself in the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Here you can literally nap at the highest level. In this trendy setting of inspiring décor and relaxation, and with a richly wooded area just around the corner, you’ll find the perfect balance between body and soul. It’s a completely rewarding experience.

We hope that we are able to convey our passion for travel and new cultures to everyone who stays in our house in Benissa.

Check our website  Villa Panomarenco.com



Cycling in Costa Blanca with a luxury villa at your disposal.
The Costa Blanca is a magnet for cycling tourists… riding and soaking up the sun for kilometers on end. Even top athletes find their way to our villa, and rent it long term for their cycling stages. Interested?



Dédé (Dian) Wahlen
Communication consultant
Aardseweg, 165
2440 Geel
Antwerp/ Belgium
T +32 479 91 00 21


Erwin Bobbaerts
Management consulting
Aardseweg, 165
2440  Geel
Antwerp/ Belgium
T +32 479 91 00 22